How it works

We get to know each other

I look at who you are as a business, where you want to be and the word-related obstacles standing in your way.

This could be through group workshops, stakeholder interviews, customer surveys, copy audits or whatever else is needed to get to the heart of the matter.

I define your brand's voice

I distill everything I've learnt about your business into a brand voice blueprint which is equal parts brand strategy, tone of voice and writing style guide, including:

  • Brand narrative: the story you tell the world
  • How you speak: brand personality traits, copy samples + writing guidelines
  • What you have to say: the big things people need to remember about your business
  • Who you're talking to: audience profiles and why they should care about what you do
  • Who you're up against: key competitors and what makes you different
I also put important things into words

As well as your brand's voice and the big things you have to say, I can help you put important business things into words.

This could be working out how to clearly articulate your values, finding a way to succinctly communicate your services, pinning down your value proposition or anything else you've struggled with.

We bring your brand's voice to life

Now the fun really starts—it's time to get your brand's voice out into the wild. There are a few options here:

  • done-for-you copy from my talented team of associate writers
  • workshops to help your team write confidently and consistently in your brand's voice
  • check-ins (monthly or as often as your like) to keep your copy on the right track

Turnaround time:

3-5 weeks

Prices start at:


Waiting list:

~ 1 month

What you get for your investment

Project outcomes

A distinctive voice for your brand, clarity on how you communicate and the tools to help everyone on your team write with confidence and consistency.

Take a look at this sample brand voice blueprint to see exactly what you get 👇

10 rounds of edits and your copy still isn't right?

Sounds like you need my help—book a free intro call or email

Hi, I'm Felicity Wild

Founder & Chief Tone of Voice Nerd

I started Tone of Voice Nerd because too many of my clients were investing in vague tone of voice guides that didn’t help their team, or freelance copywriters like me, write good copy.  

I knew I could do a better job and produce tone of voice guides—or brand voice blueprints, to use their fancy name—people would actually find useful.  

They're designed to give you clarity on how to speak to customers, the confidence to communicate who you are as a business and the tools to present the value of what you do to the world.

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