Case studies

I work with people who have big things to say, and need help working out how.

Like founders with strong voices and serious ambition, who light up when they speak about what they do. But when it comes to writing, the spark gets lost.

And growing teams that don't have things formalised, and need to put their tone of voice and messaging into words to get everyone on the same page.

Or large organisations with a jumble of different ideas that need a fresh pair of eyes to untangle everything, and find a voice and message everyone agrees is right for the brand.

Here are case studies from some of my favourite clients:


Helping a children’s charity capture and communicate the true value of their work.

AVC Immedia

Repositioning an award-winning communications agency as strategic partners, not just service providers.

Flight Mode Method

Finding the words to capture a true creative’s unique voice and vision.

10 rounds of edits and your copy still isn't right?

Sounds like you need my help.