Tone of voice

The best places to find tone of voice examples and inspiration

Looking to load up your tone of voice swipe file? Here are my favourite online places to go when I’m in need of ToV inspo.

Felicity Wild

Emotive Feels

If I’m feeling stuck in a tone of voice rut I like to visit this beaut of a website from Californian agency Emotive Brand. It’s an online repository of different emotions, brought to life with thought-provoking captions and animation. Scroll through and feel those ideas starting to flow again.


Steer clear of this website if you don’t have an hour or so to spare falling down delightful rabbit holes. Thingtesting’s directory is the best place on the net to discover new lifestyle and consumer brands with fresh ideas and interesting things to say. Head over, get lost and see what you discover.

Great Landing Page Copy

A fantastic website that’s ideal to perk you up if you’re feeling flat and low on ideas. Great Landing Page Copy from Miguel Ferreira celebrates copy that’s easy to read, relatable and sounds like a human. Fill your boots.


Sticking to the theme of landing pages, Landingfolio is a collection of landing page design resources that doubles as tone of voice and copy inspiration. You can search by industry to find examples relevant to what you’re working on. The free features are great and I purchased lifetime premium access last year and use it at least once a week—well worth the fee.

Tone Knob

This list wouldn’t be complete without Nick Parker’s superb tone of voice themed newsletter. Sign up to get tone of voice wisdom from one of the leading experts straight to your inbox. It’s one of the few email newsletters I look forward to receiving and read from start to finish.

Copywriting Examples

Newly launched from Harry Dry, this ultimate collection of copywriting examples with short and sweet breakdowns deserves a spot on every copywriter’s bookmark bar. You can filter by type, style and audience to find exactly the tone of voice inspiration you need.

Felicity Wild
Founder and chief tone of voice nerd

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