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Got big things to say

but not sure how?

Work with me to develop a distinctive tone of voice for your brand. And get the tools you need to bring it to life.

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Imagine if you could write in a distinctive, consistent voice for your brand at the drop of a hat?

The same goes for everyone on your in-house and freelance teams.

You could say goodbye to endless rounds of costly edits and the feeling your copy isn't right, but you're not sure why.

Suddenly, your brand's difference is obvious. Your message is clear and starts getting heard. And browsers turn into buyers and your biggest fans.

It's my job as a tone of voice nerd to get you there.

Brand strategy

Why do you exist? What problems do you solve? Why should people care? I'll help you answer the big questions about your brand.

Tone of voice

Gutsy? No-nonsense? Uplifting? Enlightened? We'll go beyond givens to explore your brand's voice and the big things you have to say.

Writing guidelines

Get an in-depth guide to the nuts and bolts of how to write to bring your brand's voice to life.

Some problems I can help you solve

Sick of words letting your visual branding down?
Work with me to develop a distinctive verbal identity to make your brand's copy as sharp as your visuals.
Struggling to get your voice heard in a crowded market?
Together, we'll define the big things your brand has to say and how to express these to connect with the right people.
Having difficulty communicating the value of what you do or who you are as a business?
I'll help you gain clarity on the big questions about your brand—like why you exist, the problems you solve and why people should care.
Need a fresh pair of eyes to help untangle your big ideas?
Unpack and unpick your thoughts with me, and I'll put them into words to spell out exactly what you want and where you're going.

From our initial meeting to the final result, working with Felicity was an absolute joy.

Martyn Walker
Communications & Marketing Manager at includem
She gave us an opportunity to talk through our way of thinking and our complex messaging and listened to the issues we had. When Felicity came back to us with her finished work, it was exactly what we had been looking for and already its implementation is making a big difference to the way we work.

We would thoroughly recommend any organisation who is looking to develop a verbal brand identity to reach out and work with Felicity.

10 rounds of edits and your copy still isn't right?

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*Available for projects starting February 2023 and beyond

Hi, I'm Felicity Wild

Founder & Chief Tone of Voice Nerd

I started Tone of Voice Nerd because too many of my clients were investing in vague tone of voice guides that didn’t help their team, or freelance copywriters like me, write good copy.  

I knew I could do a better job and produce tone of voice guides—or brand voice blueprints, to use their fancy name—people would actually find useful.  

They're designed to give you clarity on how to speak to customers, the confidence to communicate who you are as a business and the tools to present the value of what you do to the world.

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