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Got big things to say, but not sure how?

Work with me to capture your brand's distinctive voice, set your story straight and get your message heard.

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A profile photo of me (Felicity Wild - Tone of Voice Nerd founder) sitting at my kitchen table with a laptop. I'm woman in my early thirties with short blonde hair, green eyes and I'm wearing a grey turtleneck knitted jumper.
Imagine if you could write in a distinctive voice for your brand, and always knew what to say?

You could wave goodbye to endless rounds of costly edits, and the feeling your copy isn't right but you're not sure why.

Suddenly, your brand's difference is obvious. Your message is clear and starts getting heard. And browsers turn into buyers and your biggest fans.

It's my job as a tone of voice nerd to get you there.

Felicity is incredibly talented with words.

She made the whole process so smooth with effective and to-the-point explorative chats that got us deep into the core of our company.

Felicity managed to find where all our thoughts aligned, without bland compromises, and created a brand language strategy we love!

Tanja Tankred

Felicity really helped us hone our brand's messaging.

Not only does she really listen, Felicity makes suggestions and offers directions that just make total sense. It was an efficient and effective process that I not only enjoyed, but took real value from.

Craig Freeman
Chief Growth Officer at brandformula
10 rounds of edits and your copy still isn't right?

Sounds like you need my help.

About me

Hi, I'm Felicity

I started Tone of Voice Nerd because after five years as a freelance copywriter, I'd noticed too many of my clients investing in vague tone of voice guides that didn’t help their team, or pro-copywriters like me, write good copy.

I knew I could do a better job and produce tone of voice and messaging guides — or brand language strategy guides, to use their fancy name — people would actually find useful.

They're designed to capture your brand’s distinctive tone of voice, clarify the big things you have to say and help everyone on your team write with confidence and consistency.